Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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In Mourning

The quilt world is in mourning this week because we lost one of our stars, Di Ford Hall. She impacted many parts of the quilting industry, which impacted each of us, depending on how you knew her. She was a friend, mentor, and colleague to many in the industry. To many people, she was a teacher and encourager, getting people started on a specific technique or style. To some she was known as a fabric designer, drawing inspiration for one of her fabric lines from our book “Chintz Quilts from the Poos Collection.”

My immediate thought as I heard of her passing was to think of her health struggle which took her life too early. I also thought of the many people that were inspired by her artistry. It made me think about her legacy. The Victorian era took mourning to a whole other level, which included mourning images, curtains, and quilts. Some of those traditions have carried forward even today. My sister had a mourning quilt made for me when I lost one of my beloved dogs. At first it made me cry all the time, but eventually it brought healing. How many people will make mourning quilts for Di Ford Hall?

How many people have already made quilts inspired by Di Ford Hall or her fabric? Many of you are aware of my vlog and I’d love to put together a vlog on quilts made with her fabric or made to honor her. Will you please help me by sending me a photo of a quilt which is made predominantly of her fabric or inspired by her. Together let’s create this lasting tribute to Di. If you’d like to have your quilt included please email me a photo of your quilt to Lori@quiltandtextilecollections.com by May 9th and also include who created the quilt, who quilted it, what fabric line was used and when it was made. Help me honor her just as the words of Elton John honored another Di, “your candle burned out long before, your legend ever did.”