Quilt and Textile Photo Gallery

Red and Green Quilts

A few examples from the 25 quilts in the Red and Green Quilts Exhibition and the Red and Green Quilts for Xmas....Not! presentation.

Red And Green Quilts for Christmas...Not
Red And Green Quilt Presentation
Red And Green Quilt
Red And Green Quilt Example

Chintz Quilts

A selection from the Chintz Quilts Exhibition and the Fabric Detective: The Case of the Chintz Column and Calico Cloths.


Chintz Quilt Presentation
Chintz Quilt
Rose Center Medallion Chintz
Fabric Detective: The Case of the 200 Year Old Chintz Birds

Indigo Quilts

A sample of the feast for your eyes in the Indigo Quilts Exhibition and the Celebrating the Blues: Africa to America presentation.


19th Century Indigo Quilt
Indigo Quilt
Antique Indigo Quilt
Indigo Quilt Example

Pioneer Quilts

A few of the showcased quilts in the Pioneer Quilts Exhibition or trunk show presentation.


Pieces of the Prairie Exhibit Quilt
19th Century Prairie Quilt
Prairie Quilt Example
Pieces of the Prairie Quilt