Pioneer Quilts Exhibition

Pioneer Quilts Exhibition
  • 25 quilts from the 19th century
  • Mini Prairie Quilts Exhibition of 15 quilts is also available
  • Examples of cutout appliqué, intricate piecing, original patterns
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Quilt Condition: Excellent
  • Creates pioneer story

Companion Product: Pioneer Quilts Book

Companion Product: Pioneer Quilts Book

  • Written by Lori Lee Triplett and Kay Triplett
  • Details 30 antique quilts from the Poos Collection with full quilt photos and close-ups
  • History of the pioneer migration and life on the plains
  • 5 projects to make your own quilt
Companion Product: Presentations

Companion Product: Presentations

  • Quilts Exhibition Tour detailing 6 of the quilts
  • Pieces of the Prairie with Esther Heinzmann, The Quilt Treasurer
  • Exploring the Poos Collection

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