Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Amazing Amazona!

The Houston Quilt Festival Exhibition Hall is filled with a wide variety of special exhibitions. Although it is easy to be enticed to stay in the vendor portion of the quilt festival, the exhibit hall is the perfect place to see: different techniques, superb skill, and award winning quilts. The exhibition that caught my eye across the exhibit hall was entitled “Freehand Patchwork by Danny Amazona” and it was amazing.

Besides appreciating his unique style of art quilts, this was a new technique to be observed. Danny does unorthodox freehand patchwork that is quite different from the traditional techniques. He uses no intricate sewing, but focuses on creating artwork with fabric.

Danny states “since I’m using fabric to create my artwork, I want to maintain the original beauty of the textile designs on each piece of fabric used. He layers the fabric using value to create the images and shading. He also uses the fabric design to help create the textures of the animals or a street scene. If you look carefully at his work, you can begin to identify certain fabric lines.

A world and time travel away from the last exhibition we discussed from the quilt festival. To see more of special exhibitions, don't miss our next article continuing the series on the Houston Quilt Festival.