Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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An Moonen's Treasures

Because Americans have long claimed the quilting tradition, we like to think of it as ours. We sometimes forget that other locations had quilts long before we existed as a country or even as colonies. An Moonen, who has worked in textile conservation or as a curator for museums for almost 50 years is happy to explain that Dutch quilts have been around since the 1200’s.


The author of multiple books on Dutch quilts (author of: A History of Dutch Quilts, Beddelgoet: Netherlands Antique Quilts 1650-1900, etc.) she has spent her life working with and collecting quilts, textiles and samplers. So when we were visiting with her and she gave us a peak at her collection, it was great fun.

Another treat in store for us, was an exhibition she was of having of quilts at the nearby castle. She made special arrangements with the butler for us to tour the castle with her. The quilts are featured in a book she co-authored with Petra Prins called "Promenade in a Dutch Castle". The book and the exhibition were a combination of antique quilts and new quilts inspired by antique quilts. The book contains instructions if you’d like to make your own version of the quilts, or simply admire her quilts from afar in the photos of this blog...