Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Antique English Paper Pieced Quilts from the RMQM Collection

The Coronavirus as a pandemic is impacting most of the people in the world. Sadly, it has impacted Quilt & Textile Collections through cancelation of all the programs for the next 8 weeks. Instead we will offer new reproduction fabrics, medallions, and patterns in our Etsy shop at this link. Stay tuned for some antique quilts offered for sale online. We will also continue to provide access to some amazing contemporary or antique quilts through our blog and our vlog.

Therefore, we’d like to share with you this exhibition of Antique Paper Pieced Quilts from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Collection (RMQM.) The exhibition ran from October 21- January 18, 2020 in conjunction with the contemporary English paper pieces quilts. The “In the British Style: English Paper Pieced Quilts” was a juried contest held by the RMQM. The museum wanted to showcase talented quilters currently using this method. A video of this exhibition is available on our vlog at this link.

We hoped you enjoyed a peek at these antique quilts as you are “stuck at home.” But don’t forget to celebrate National Quilting Week by working on your own creations. Also, celebrate by supporting the quilting industry with online viewing and buying. Have a fun and fabulous quilting week!