Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Antique Quilts of the British Isles

Although I could easily write several more blogs on the 2018 Houston Quilt Festival, this will be our last. We have too many other adventures to share with you, and I’m getting behind on the multiple antique quilt exhibitions I’ve seen lately. However, I couldn’t leave the 2018 Festival without sharing with you this special exhibition, Antique Quilts of the British Isles.

It was very hard to choose which quilts to feature from this exhibit, because there were so many amazing ones. However, it is hard to ignore a quilt which has 45,000 ¼ inch hexagons. It was completed in the 1840s and exhibited at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851. This quilt was on loan to the Victoria & Albert Museum for many years.

One distinctive tradition in British quilts is the center medallion format with frames surrounding the medallion. The center medallion can be created by a pre-printed textile, pieced, or a created medallion filled with applique. This fine example is a pre-printed center medallion with birds, one that I’d never seen before. It took my breath away, as I wished we had a reproduction of this center medallion!

The beautiful chintz fabric in this quilt reminded me of some of the quilts in our book Chintz Quilts from the Poos Collection. To celebrate, we’ve decided to offer our Chintz Book at the discounted price of $45, plus 3.99 shipping. Since we are offering a sale on our classic Chintz Book, it seems like we should also offer a sale on our other classic book, Red and Green Quilts from the Poos Collection. These prices are only available through our website at the link here.