Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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At the Houston Quilt Festival this year there was a grouping of quilts called Tactile Architecture which had several unique approaches to the theme. It made me ponder the use of architecture in quilts. Certainly, we see the use of buildings in the Baltimore Album Quilts using applique to create the buildings. In fact, it was sometimes the buildings which helped trace the quilt's origins.


The Tristan Quilt, also known as the Guicciardini Quilt is one of the earliest surviving quilts and re-creates scenes from the story of Tristan and Isolde. It tells the tragic story of two doomed lovers through a wholecloth quilt using trapunto to depict scenes from the tale, including a castle. Therefore the presence of architecture can be traced down through quilting history.


The techniques used to create the buildings can vary greatly, which is what I appreciated about the quilts I selected to showcase from the exhibit. The approaches were so different, from folk art to modern. A wonderful reminder that the approach and viewpoint of the artist matter, no matter which tool in the toolbox they choose to create their quilt. I hope you’ve enjoyed our multiple visits to the Houston Quilt Festival!