Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Baltimore Album Quilts Were Pre-Cuts!

There have been some interesting comments and discussions about the Triplett Sisters Friendship Quilt as a pre-cut fusible. Since the Poos Collection and our business is known for antique quilts and teaching workshops of historic methods, it was a surprise to some. Many comments have been simply expressing puzzlement, but some of the comments have been more in the disdain or even angry at our betrayal of this wonderful 1856 Huguenot Friendship Quilt.

This made me wonder how many people were aware that the beautiful, amazing, and revered Baltimore Album Quilts were available as pre-cuts. Gasp! Yes, it is shocking I know, but those blocks were available for purchase as pre-cut shapes and in some cases pre-basted onto background fabric squares. Be still my heart! As early as the 1850s, there were pre-cut kits available!

If you still doubt this fact as a pure figment of my imagination, I invite you to read research by friends of ours, Ronda Harrell McAllen and Deborah Cooney. In their article written for the 2017 AQSG Journal: Uncoverings, they even cite a diary entry from 1850 writing about the pre-cut and basted squares for the Baltimore Album Quilts. (Good job ladies!) Or check out Virginia Gunn’s essay on Baltimore Album Quilts in the new book, “American Quilts in the Industrial Age, 1760-1870” edited by Patricia Cox Crews and Carolyn Ducey.

So, if you’d like to order your own 1856 Friendship Quilt pre-cut, in the mid-19th century tradition, the complete kit is available at our website today! Okay, so the fusible is more of a seventeenth century invention. (If you didn't read that blog article, here is the link to catch you up.) For those of you that would prefer to do the wonderful needle turn version, the complete pattern is also available here. Whatever tool in the quilting toolbox that you choose to use, enjoy the artistry of quilting, and make a quilt today!