Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Boys Wanna Have Fun Too!

Although quilting is currently dominated by women, guys have been quilting and sewing longer than they are sometimes given credit. Throughout historical periods, tailors were much more commonly male and sometimes the costume artists ventured into quilting. A prime example is Joe the Quilter, (no, not Joe Cunningham another talented quilter) this Joseph Hedley died in 1826. Joseph Hedley was a horrible tailor, but a gifted internationally known quilter.

To overcome the lack of awareness of the talented male quilters, The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum for many years has offered a biennial juried exhibition of their work. “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun Too!” received nearly 100 entries which were juried by Luana Rubin (what no male judge?). She selected forty-one quilts which were on exhibit from Feb 5 – May 26, 2018 and a few selections are found in our blog.

This year the 15th biennial exhibit was called “The Boys are Back in Town!” and is currently on exhibition Jan 20- April 25th, 2020. (I guess they like song titles.) However, because of the virus the quilts and museum are on lock down. With many of us following “stay-at-home” orders, we thought you’d appreciate getting a look at theses wonderful quilts from home. So, be sure you check out this week’s vlog on April 2nd on our YouTube channel at this link to see the current exhibit. Until Thursday, stay healthy and happy quilting!