Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Chintz Quilts Philadelphia Style

Several blogs back I wrote contemplating whether there might be a regional style of chintz quilts associated with Philadelphia. If you don’t remember the blog, here is the link to re-read or look at those glorious quilts again. I decided I wasn’t done with this topic and needed to share more.

I’m working on a mini-database of these quilts. I’d love to identify specific characteristics, a specific block or even fabric that wasn’t readily available elsewhere that would allow me to note “possible Philly” connection even without the provenance. (Okay, it’s a goal, who knows if it will work out.)

I’m continuing to pull more quilts together that fit the Philadelphia style to create a database and to inspire others to make these again. (You know who you are!) If you are aware of an antique Philly quilt that I haven’t featured in either blog that fits the characteristics, please send me an email with photo and info. Happy Hunting!