Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Colonial Williamsburg Conference: Printed Fashions

This year Colonial Williamsburg is offering a conference on “Printed Fashions: Textiles for Clothing and the Home, March 26-28, 2107. Every year the CW team puts together interesting symposiums, but this year the guest speaker line up is amazing! Many of the presenters are coming from across the pond, so it’s the perfect opportunity to learn from British experts without going overseas.

Rosemary Crill, now retired from the Victoria and Albert Museum, is still an honorary research associate. She will be discussing, “When Print Meets Pen: Block-printing and Hand-drawing in Indian Cotton Textiles.” Other presenters from overseas include John Styles, honorary senior research fellow, Victoria and Albert Museum, Bridget Long, visiting research fellow in history, University of Hertfordshire, and Philip Sykas, research associate from Manchester School of Art.

Colonial Williamsburg have also included some talented Americans in their guest speaker list, including Barbara Brackman, speaking on “Printed Textiles in Quilts 1775-1830.” Linda Eaton, Senior Curator of Textiles, Winterthur Museum, discussing printed furniture. Susan Greene well known author speaking on “From Kalam to Cylinder.”

Additionally, there are more than 15 juried paper presentations on various aspects of textile printing techniques. The Triplett sisters are honored to be included as a juried paper presenter. We will be discussing “Unexplored Printing Techniques in Textiles.” We hope to see you at the symposium learning and listening with us!