Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Exhibition at the KCRQF

The Wedding Album Quilt Exhibition opening at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (KCRQF) is today June 15, 2023. The 2020 Triplett Sisters Block of the Month pattern was based on the c. 1860 original antique quilt from the Poos Collection and will be on display. This quilt was the cover quilt on the first book about the collection, Red & Green Quilts from the Poos Collection. Also in the exhibit will be six other quilts interpreting or reproducing the original from quilt artists: Kathy Delaney, Darla Hanks, Lin McQuiston, Nancy Paris, Lori Lee Triplett, and Christine Turner.

The quilt artists used a variety of applique techniques as well as extra flourishes of hand painting, and embroidery. Additionally, some of the artists altered the colors, the pattern, and the meaning behind the original quilt to make it truly a quilt of their own. The original quilt featured flora and fauna, but some of the artists expanded creatures included by adding their dogs and backyard critters.

We are continuing the red and green celebration with the launch of our first calendar: Red & Green Antique Quilts from the Poos Collection. The calendar is now available in our Etsy shop at this link or visit us at the exhibition to get your copy. The calendar is filled with lots of red and green eye candy, which was the first area of collecting by Kay Triplett. When she began to get serious about collecting, Nancy Hornback, was influential in her life teaching her more about quilt history as well as red and green quilts. Sadly, we’ve lost several of these amazing quilt historians in recent months, and I hate for their legacy to be lost. So, please give a shout out in the comment section about a quilt historian that inspired your quilting journey.