Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Famous Fabrics

Chintz fabric is a love, love, love of mine. So I spend a lot of time looking at these fabrics. Whenever there is an exhibit, a book, or a retreat on chintz, I try to make it a priority. When I was working on our book Chintz Quilts from the Poos Collection, I took the opportunity to assemble a list of fabrics that repeatedly appeared in quilts. I named it “Famous Fabrics” and I continue to track these beauties, whenever I see them.

When Leah Zieber’s 2017 Chintz retreat was announced, you bet, I signed up! This year it was an opportunity to see the private collection of Sandy Sutton. (Sorry, but I’m not able to share any photos of the Sutton collection. Those are Sandy’s to share if she chooses.) However, everyone brings a “show and tell quilt”, so I can show you some of the delicious fabrics we saw. The opportunity allows me to add more to the list of “Famous Fabrics.” Just as Terry Terrell would like a database for correctly identified flora in fabrics, I’d love a database of famous fabrics which could allow us to expand our knowledge on textiles. I have to admit that my attention is often caught by birds in quilts.

The retreat takes place in the relaxing and beautiful Temecula, California wine country at the Viña de Lestonnac Retreat Center. It is 3 nights and 4 days of quilts, quilt history, and sewing time, with a gift bag, and a retreat project full of fun with other “like minded quilt historians and enthusiasts.” Last year, we also had the opportunity to see a quilt exhibition at a nearby museum. Yes, more famous fabrics.

Zieber Quilts fourth annual retreat will focus on “Mathematical Marvels: A Study in Hexagons and Medallion Quilts”. It will feature the private collection of Janet O’Dell of Australia. Registration opens September 1 but it fills up almost immediately. We’ll definitely be seeing some fabulous quilts no doubt filled with famous fabrics!