Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Happy New Year!

Okay, so I may be rushing the announcement of the new year, but really, I think 2020 has been a year most of us would like to forget or at least move forward. However, I don’t want to ignore the holiday season. Happy Hanukkah or Kwanza depending on what you celebrate. Merry Christmas to all, which is what we celebrate. Because Christmas is close to my heart, naturally my thoughts went to red and green quilts, which I’ve featured in the blog!

In about a week, we will celebrate the new year with a new Triplett Sisters Block of the Month: Bird in a Lace Cage. If you haven’t already purchased the pattern to join us, please do! We’d love to have you working together with Kay Triplett and Cynthia Collier as our leaders. Here is the link, but multiple people are still working on our other two BOMs, so if one of these quilts is more your style, simply choose which one (or more) you like best and join us for the fun! Because there is such a variety in approaches to our patterns, we are planning exhibitions for each of our BOM’s.

In January, we will also be adding classes to the C&T Publishing online platform: Creative Spark. We’ll be starting with the Indigo Resist Dyeing Class, which we hope to have available before the end of January. We already offer all of our trunk shows via Zoom, so if you or your guild is interested, please don’t hesitate to email me and get on the new year’s schedule. It is just around the corner, so may the new year be healthy, happy, and full of quilting!