Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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It's a New Day, It's A New Year...and I'm Feeling Good!

Hopefully by now you’re singing along with your favorite version of the song “Feeling Good!” This year started off with a bang, being featured on “The Quilt Show” video on New Year’s Day on collecting and later in the week on indigo resist. The Triplett Sisters have an exciting year planned and can hardly wait! So, we hope you’ll be thrilled to join us in several of our quilting adventures.

First, we will be launching our first ever Block of the Month quilt. It really is an adventure for us, with all the details to be worked out. It is based on an 1856 Friendship Quilt from the Poos Collection and will also have a modern hand-painted option too. So, stay tuned for more details!

Did I mention that the antique friendship quilt is also featured in our new book coming out this year? Pioneer Quilts from C&T Publishing will be released this summer in time for the fall market…you’ll also have the opportunity to see these quilts in person in exhibitions scheduled for…wait for it…2017.

Finally, we’ve got more than 30 presentations planned this year at Colonial Williamsburg, Penn Dry Goods, Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival, your local quilt guild, and more! Please be sure to come up and say “hi” to us if you attend any of the lectures or workshops. We’d love to come give a presentation at your event too if we can fit in your schedule. (Lori will be presenting, but Kay will be present through her quilts.) Happy New Year!