Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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It’s Almost 2022!

I can’t believe it is almost a New Year! I haven’t even finished telling/showing you more of the Houston Quilt Festival. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to that in the next blog. However, I couldn’t wait to tell you about what is coming up for the Triplett Sisters in the New Year 2022.

First, there is the new EPP quilt along with Diamante and More Sampler. The directions provide a suggested workflow to help you accomplish the quilt top in 1 year. It is available as a kit or a pattern, so you can choose your own fabrics. (Here’s the link.) I’ll be making another one right along with you, while giving history tidbits and pointers. Since I’ve already made the one with the cream background, I’m choosing a dark background (green or black) this time and different colors. Hope you’ll join me!

Second, the American Quilt Study Group has announced their 2023 Quilt Study Challenge entitled “19th Century Blues: It’s More Then Indigo.” (There’s more than indigo? Ha!) It is a fun challenge where you select an antique quilt to study and then recreate a smaller version. So, we’re going to be adding lots of reproduction blues in…wait for it…more than indigo colors to our Etsy shop. (Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of indigo available too.) Check back starting this Friday as well as every Friday in January and we’ll have added some new blue fabrics to the shop to help those participating in the study. (If you don’t want to participate in the quilt study, blues are always perfect to add to the stash.)

Finally, I’m starting my version of The Wedding Album Quilt-NOT. I’m going to be making this quilt my own as it applies to my life. So, if you love applique and want to join me on this quilt too…Please do! The more the merrier and we are working toward a June 2023 exhibition of the completed Wedding Album quilts. May your new year be full of the joy of quilting with no seam rippers needed!