Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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It Takes Two to Tango

The exhibition was held at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum showcasing quilts made by two people. According to the dictionary the phrase “it takes two to tango.” means, a situation or argument involving two people, both of them responsible for it. Certainly, in the case of these quilts, both parties are responsible, but there is no way it was an argument. Or if an argument occurred, it was clearly resolved.

Instead we see true partnerships in quilt artistry. I expected to see all the quilts pieced or appliqued by one party and then quilted by the second party. However, in many cases the division of labor wasn’t clear cut…which definitely could lead to an argument. These quilts as a finished product were so copasetic, that clearly if a dance of discussion took place, it was resolved into complete agreement.

The techniques exhibited were the full range of quilt techniques, with applique, paper piecing, foundation piecing and more. The inspiration of the quilts also represented a broad base of ideas whether from antique quilts, trips abroad or agriculture in rural America. All of the quilts in the exhibit showcased a high level of technical expertise and a brilliant artistry.