Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Leaving a Legacy

This is the second in the promised series of articles to help take you to the International Quilt Festival, even if you couldn’t be there. The exhibition "Comfort & Glory: Selections from the Briscoe Center’s Windedale Quilt Collection" featured 21 quilts from the book by the same name. The exhibition and book offer a glimpse of multiple legacies.

The book shows us the legacy left by the amazing quilt artists through their works of art. The 115 quilts in the book cover more than two centuries of artistry and material culture. Some of the quilts are masterpieces, others well worn, well-loved quilts. The quilts are enriched with the stories of the makers or owners, and related objects from the center collections.

While attending a luncheon at the Quilt Festival, we learned that Katherine Jean Adams was retiring, making this book and exhibition her legacy of her career as the quilt curator at the center. Fortunately the Quilt Festival isn’t the only opportunity to view the quilts in person. A version of the exhibit will be on display February 2017 at the Winedale Historical Complex in Round Top, Texas. In April 2017, the exhibition can be seen at the Briscoe-Garner Museum in Uvalde, Texas.