Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Marvelous Miniatures!

Miniature Quilts don’t seem to get the acknowledgement they deserve. Any work of art should be appreciated, but I’ve noticed miniatures are rarely featured in magazines or blogs. In fact, I’m guilty too, I’ve never written a blog about miniature quilts. So now is the time to make up my deficit with a showcase of the miniature quilts from the Houston International Quilt Festival.

Now, I agree that making full size quilts is an amazing feat, but so is making quilts that look full-size in a photo yet smaller than a ruler. Blocks in full size quilts that are 12 inches can be the entire size of a mini. If you think paper piecing with an inch size is a tiny block, try a ½ inch. Smaller is not easier, except maybe in the basting process.

Here are some important factors to consider in miniatures. Accuracy counts in any size quilt, but if you are dealing with a ½ inch block a variation on a ¼ inch seam matters. In fact, I suggest an 1/8 inch seams to keep you honest. Errors seem to be magnified, such as matching seams seems more apparent when they don’t match. Scale of the pattern, border, and print of the fabric all make a difference in a miniature. Scale of thread and stitch size matter. So, please help me saluting the miniatures quilters of the world.