Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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New Adventures Inspired by Antique Artists

Seasons are changing which always makes me think of new projects and adventures. As I plan my September to December calendar, I wonder what project or projects will I be creating in the coming months? Sometimes the projects are a surprise. I had no idea that the Guardians of the Nest Star Quilt I was creating would become a pattern until multiple people requested it. Thank you for your enthusiasm and requests! Those comments brightened my days and the results will be available September 5th.

For some time, I’ve admired Di Ford Hall fabrics and wanted to make a tribute quilt. I explored her patterns which are lovely, but I’ve always had a difficult time creating someone else’s vision. Those quilts are to be admired, but they tend to focus on one fabric line and just aren’t me. So, instead I’ve been working on creating a quilt that is inspired by several of her fabric lines. The result is “Birds of Di Ford Hall Quilt.” I look forward to seeing what the result is, because I’m sure the design will morph as I work on the quilt.

In November, we will also be starting a new “Triplett Sister’s Block of the Month: Bird in a Lace Cage.” This quilt is featured in our recent book: “Hidden Treasures, Quilts from 1600-1860." As usual we will all be working at our own speed, but the block will be posted once a month with history or other interesting information. Since we are making the pattern available earlier than the start date, some of the speed demon quilters in our group may have it done before we post the first block. (Ha, you go girls!) We truly hope that each of you will join us on some if not all of these new quilting adventures!