Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Northern Chintz/Cut Out Applique Quilts Style – Update

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been researching a Northern style of cutout applique quilts. (If you need a refresher, here’s a link to the last article, which has links to the previous articles.) It’s time for a mini-update. If you’d like a more complete update, I invite you to attend the AQSG Virtual Study Center Northern Chintz Quilts that I’m teaching. For the first time this study center will be open to non-members, so jump on the opportunity while you can at this link.

Last year, a wonderful quilting colleague notified Kay and I that a Northern Style Chintz Quilt was up for sale on Etsy. (Thank you, thank you!) My sister immediately began the complicated process of acquisition. Complicated because the quilt was located in Japan, and the value was such that Etsy wasn’t willing to allow the foreign transaction to go through. However, Kay persevered and the Machette and Taylor friends/families quilt is now a part of the Poos Collection.

Research began even before we heard back from the seller! I suspected I knew into which group of quilts the Machette and Taylor friends/families quilt belonged. We were thrilled to learn that all of the signatures had been documented many years earlier by Marian Ann Montgomery. Once the seller located the information, we quickly realized that it belonged with the “Fish Family of Quilts of New Jersey.” My hunch was proven through the documentation! Don’t forget to sign up for the study center if you’d like more information or just to look at these more than 30 quilts in the style. Hope to see and discuss these quilts with you virtually!