Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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NSCA Quilts: The Taylors

As we continue our research into the Northern Style Cut-out Applique Quilts (NSCA), we will examine the influence of the Taylor family. Since we have a working theory of an engagement quilt for the Machette/Taylor Coverlet 1840 in the Poos Collection, one of the primary inscriptions is of Hetty Coe Taylor. She also has potentially a second block on the quilt with a cute dog and the inscription “Hetty.” It seems likely to be another block for her, unless someone named their dog Hetty and she was included. (Ha!) Not counting the Hetty block as a separate Taylor, there are 12 different Taylors that appear on the coverlet.

Hetty Coe Taylor and Edwin Vallette Machette were married on March 15, 1842 at St. Philips’ Protestant Episcopal Church. Surprisingly neither of Hetty Coe Taylor’s parents, Benjamin and Jane Taylor have names inscribed on the coverlet. However, after researching it was discovered that Hetty was marrying outside of the faith and was disowned in April of 1842 from the membership of the Friends Philadelphia Meeting House – Northern District.

Hetty Taylor Machette along with seven other Taylors would also appear on another NSCA coverlet at the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum known as the Fish Family Quilt. Another NSCA quilt at the IQM in Nebraska has 8 Taylors listed. These two quilts have been tied by other names to a NSCA Quilt at the Denver Art Museum known as the Anna E. Perrine Quilt, which also has one Taylor listed..

Hetty Taylor Machette and Edwin V. Machette had 2 children, Edwin V. Machette Jr. in 1845 and Cornelia Vallette Machette in 1846. In the 1850 census it shows the two children living with their father and Hetty has returned home to live with her parents. She would live separately but remain married to her husband. Upon Hetty’s death, Edwin quickly married Margaretta Gartley, 20 years younger. Prior to her death Hetty was allowed to return in the Quaker faith and was buried at the Friends Western Ground cemetery on Dec 2, 1863.