Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Pattern and Purpose

The Joslyn Art Museum of Omaha was the host of a quilt exhibition from the Shelburne Museum with the wonderful title, Pattern and Purpose. Even if you’ve seen these quilts before, they are wonderful examples of American art worthy of multiple views. The history of the Shelburne Museum is worthy of note too.

Mrs. Electra Havemeyer Webb founded the Shelburne museum in 1947 to house her family’s collection of horse drawn carriages. However, it didn’t take her long to decide to create a “collection of collections” for “an educational project.” She began searching through New England and New York to create her collections. Size was not a barrier as she even bought steamboats, houses, stores, bridges, placing these items in the middle of her garden.

I’m grateful for her amazing collection of quilts which provide a glimpse into the artistry of Mrs. Electra Havenmeyer’s community. It also provides us with a glimpse of an interesting eccentric woman with a wonderful eye for artistic quality. It sounds like someone I know…Applause for all those who recognize and save treasures we can all appreciate!