Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Postcards from Quarantine

I’ve always loved the idea of making quilted postcards to send to fellow quilters, but I always had excuses. It takes too long and I’m behind on my sample quilts…the post office will just tear it up…I already see these ladies regularly so why take the time to make a postcard. Then almost a year into the pandemic, I don’t see my quilting bee regularly because the facility we meet at is closed to strangers. Our guild is meeting via Zoom, the list goes on. I realized; it is the perfect time to send a quilted postcard to bring a little joy to someone’s world.

Of course, you could choose to piece, or applique a 4 x 6 block. However, I thought I’d look through some of my pre-printed textiles, that way I could make more postcards quickly to send out to those quilters that I’m missing or might need some extra joy in their life. I choose a mini album blocks which I sew together for one, an art painting by Van Gogh for another.

Create a sandwich of the top and batting and quilt as desired. (Some choose to add a backing or iron-on interfacing, but I just use fabric from my stash.) After quilting, I cut to the desired size of 4 x 6 inches. Then I select some Kraft-tex (mix of paper/fabric). Write your message and address on the Krafttex before adhering.

Then attach the Kratf-tex to the back of the mini quilt via glue baste. Next blanket stitch or zigzag around the outside. It could also be bound like a traditional quilt. (I'll pass on this approach!) Then mail to that deserving friend or surprise a nursing home resident to brighten their day or week or month. Have fun with your creations!