Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Remembering Sue Garman


This is Thanksgiving Week, a time to give thanks for family, friends, and the many blessings in life.  So, as we continue to write about the Houston Quilt Festival Special Exhibitions, it seemed appropriate to write about Sue Garman, a “matriarch” in the quilting family.  Through her patterns and teaching, she was a blessing to many quilters!

Although I never had the honor of meeting her, multiple readers, writers, and quilt aficionados, spoke of generous spirit, wonderful designs, and artistic legacy.  In classes, she shared lots of tips to go with those pattern sheets. She left many patterns and designs to add to our UFO lists and perhaps even finish.

Sue Garman made over 300 quilts in her 40 years as a quilter, the majority of the quilts being original designs. The exhibition featured 100 of her best works, showcasing her artistic legacy.  It covered many categories: her reproduction style, red and green, whimsical, kids’ quilts and more.

In this week of giving thanks, be sure to appreciate your family and friends at home, as well as those in the quilting community.  All of us are changed and blessed by those who have taught, walked beside, or steered our quilting journey. Happy Thanksgiving!