Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

For some time now, Kay and I have resisted having a blog for a variety of reasons. However, after multiple requests from guild members and suggestions from our friends…Here it is! We hope that you will come along with us on our wild, wacky and wonderful quilting journey. Please invite others to join us as well, as the more the merrier.

We put much thought into the name. Kay was a proponent of “Poos on the Loose” tying our grandmother’s name for which we named the collection with our love of travel. I advocated for “A Stitch in Time” tying the historical nature of the collection with whatever we were working on right this minute. Instead we agreed upon the dynamite name of T-n-T’s, since people call us the Triplett Sisters.  It is easier than trying to keep track of who’s who, a task which even our mother sometimes fails and calls us by the wrong name. (Of course she mistakenly calls us by my dog’s name too, something that doesn’t score too many points with us.)

Antique quilt

In our blog, you should expect information about antique quilts and history. But you should also expect…the unexpected. We may decide to explore reproduction fabrics, international textiles, or art quilts. We’ll take you on our travels to see exhibitions, interesting architecture (perfect design idea for your latest quilt), and eccentric people. Yes, because we are eccentric, we enjoy other unique people too!

We hope that you will provide us with fodder for the blog as well. Request a topic for one of our blog segments. (No promises about how or when we will address the topic, but we’d rather write about something in which you are interested.) We hope you will share your latest project, especially if you’d used some of our hand dyed or reproduction fabric. But most of all, we hope that you will enjoy the conversations found in Textiles and the Triplett Sisters.

Kay in Thailand


African textile