Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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The Netherlands: Quilt Shops

One last adventure from Netherlands...until next year. After leaving the amazing chintz exhibition in Leeuwarden, we traveled to Zutphen, a historic city existing from Roman times. It received the official city designation in 1190 and still has wonderful architecture to see. One of the oldest libraries in Netherlands, with the oldest and rarest books...however, don’t plan on getting to walk in and see the ancient books. Instead simply gape at the architecture. Zutphen was also where we visited our second De Hann & Wagenmakers quilt shop. I needed to pick up some Dutch Heritage fabric for my quilt Tree of Life: Netherlands, a quilt I’ve designed to remind me of my wonderful time in The Netherlands.

However, the real adventure planned for the day was a visit to Quilt it & Dotty quilt shop in Overloon run by Dorry Van Osch a wonderful hostess, quilter, and former dancer. (Yes, she was employed as a talented dancer in Netherlands.) As a retired dancer you can see her artistry shine through her quilts. Dorry had kindly scheduled a “tea” for us to meet some of her customers, who were loads of fun, and for us to sign books. She also planned for a Facebook Live post. Follow this link if you missed it.

The fun at Quilt it & Dotty began with introductions and laughs. Followed by fabric buying, one fabric was a Hewson reproduction print for which I’d been hunting ever since I saw the fabric in Kay’s stash. Our visit ended with a commit for me to teach workshops in 2018. Guess what? True to her words, I’ll be teaching two workshops in Overloon, Netherlands April 21-22, more if the classes fill. One class, I plan to design a center medallion in the style of a delft tile.

So, if you’d love to join us on an adventure to the Netherlands, please come! We enjoyed a wonderful spa with an indoor pool and good food in Zutphen. You could also stay in Arnheim, a little closer to Dorry’s shop. To sign up, please visit her Facebook at The Poos Collection Quilt Event. Then why not plan to journey down to Nantes, France and check out the QuiltMania Pour l'Amour du Fil quilt show there. A quilt and textile adventure perfect for 2018...Hope to see you there!