Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Two Golden Ages of Applique: 1840-1870 & 1920-1940

Quilt historian Debby Cooney is the curator of the “Golden Age of Applique” exhibition at the Virginia Quilt Museum. The exhibition combines quilts from the museum and private collections to create a focus on two time periods where applique was the popular style. Debby believes it is time for the third golden age of applique. I’m ready for that period too, but until that time comes to pass, looking at these treasures from the past will have to suffice.

We drove six hours to see the exhibition and it was worth it. The Center Medallion quilt with a created tree of life, was truly one to appreciate, whether up close and personal or reflected in an antique mirror. I confess I wanted to show you mainly photos of the first golden age, more than the second, but that is simply a personal preference. However, for those of you that prefer the second period of applique, I have included a photo for you.

This exhibition closes May 20, so don’t wait. There are three additional exhibitions running concurrently “P’s and Q’s by Fiber Art Virginia” curated by Jill Jensen, “Eclectic” by Top of Virginia Quilt Guild and “Treasures from the Vault: Wool for Winter” curated by Gloria Comstock. The Virginia Quilt Museum’s next exhibitions start May 30 and will include “WWI Quilts” curated by Sue Reich. For more information on the museum simply follow this link.