Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Upcoming Events

I’m interrupting the research to give you an update about some coming events. We’d love to see you at some of these in person events or via Zoom. In some cases, they are both an option. My long-awaited research trip to Philadelphia and New Jersey is coming up the end of May. I’ve located some original sources and I’m hopeful that will shed light on these Northern Style Cut-out Applique (NSCAs.) Thanks to AQSG for providing some of the funding for the research trip.

On June 1, I’ll be presenting on NSCAs, with my presentation Delaware River Valley Quilts at Penn Dry Goods event hosted by the Schwenkfelder Museum. It looks like a fabulous event, so if you are interested in attending in person or via Zoom, here is the link. Also, those in person will be able to see one of the earliest of this style, the Machette & Taylor Coverlet.

We are also pleased to announce the release of a new class with Creative Spark: Adventures in Pastoral Toile: A Historical Textile Tale. This class is available to watch whenever and however it works in your schedule. It also allows you to review at a later date too. Here is the link to this class.

Please don’t forget our 2024 Block of the Month. We haven’t really shared enough about this fun quilt. There is still plenty of time to join us! Remember, we work at our own speed on the quilts, but work together on Facebook at this link. Finally, this September I will be teaching at Baltimore on the Prairie. I’ll be providing a trunk show of antique album quilts, including multiple Baltimore Album Quilts. I also will be teaching the center block of my quilt Temptation Realized inspired by one of the Baltimore Album Quilts in the Poos Collection. Here is the link to join us for this event. Hope to see you in person, online, or on Facebook!