Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Will We See You There?

Every fall there is an alignment of stars, a gathering of the vendors, and a winner circle of awards. It is the International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston TX. Quilters from all over the world have submitted their work to be judged. Vendors introduce new product lines, that are “must haves” and special exhibitions of quilts fill the convention center. Teachers and students are gathering to explore new techniques or exchange creativity. It is also a time to see colleagues and friends that we may only see once a year. Preparation for the event begins almost as soon as last year has ended. But the month before, the final countdown is a time of major preparation.

I've been busy preparing demos, classes, dyeing fabric and coordinating lectures. Celebrating the Blues: From Africa to America will be one of the featured evening lectures. I’ll be bringing a selection of our indigo quilts from America and Africa covering four centuries. If you haven’t signed up yet, I hope to see you Friday November 4th at 6pm.

I’m also providing some opportunities to learn about Adire: Indigo Resist. Three different indigo resist techniques (Oniko, Elecko, and alabare ) will be demonstrated on the “Meet the Teachers” at 2pm on Friday. Friday morning’s sampler is a variety of teachers offering different techniques. I’ll be showing how to Paint a Resist Seascape or other landscape, creating your fabric image as you want. If I see you there, I’ll have a coupon for you!

Saturday will be a focus on hand painting fabric to create our own “chintz.” In the morning Hand Painted Quilt Blocks will be a part of the Saturday Sampler. Then in the afternoon we get to hand paint 5 blocks to create a Nine Patch Variation Wall Hanging. I hope to see you in that class as well!


On Sunday we’ll be diving into the indigo dye. We’ll learn several different techniques then select which ones are the favorite. Each attendee will receive 2 silk scarves to use their newly learned resist techniques and then we’ll dye. If I “see you there” you’ll walk away with 2 completed silk scarves for yourself or as gifts.

We will also be doing book signings, Meet the Teachers, and this year we have a very special big surprise happening. It’s a secret, but I’ll be sure to announce the details of when you can participate in the “happening” wherever you live. So, don’t worry if you won’t be in Houston this year. I plan to bring it to you through our blog articles and the special surprise. So, even if we won’t see you at Houston, we’ll still see you there, via the internet.