Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Houston Quilt Festival: Pieces of the Past

In our continuing tour of the exhibitions at the Houston Quilt Festival, we were surprised to see very few antique quilts. We missed seeing older quilts in all their ancient glory. Fortunately, there was one exhibition entirely of antique quilts called “Pieces of the Past.”

One of the quilts was by Anna Williams, which doesn’t seem like a part of the past, since Kay knew her and spent time with her at a friend’s house. (Does that mean you are getting old when you know someone that made a quilt in an antique quilt exhibit???) Anna’s improvisational style was natural to her, but her style was one that many art quilters strive to find for themselves.

Another quilt had one of my favorite pillar print birds in it. I’ve written about this fabric before (if you’d like to read it, here is the link.) and the multiple versions. However, I always treasure the fabric all over again when I have an “eye spy” moment of finding it in an antique quilt. Hope you enjoy the quilts of the Houston Quilt Festival 2021.