Textiles and the Triplett Sisters

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Regional Chintz Quilt Style Part III?

As I’ve been continuing my exploration of quilts that fit a Philly style of chintz quilts, I would be remiss if I wasn’t also noting some anomalies. (If you missed the earlier two blogs on the style, or just want to look at glorious chintz quilts again, here is the link to the first one. Here is the link to the second article.)

It strikes me that there are several chintz quilts from New Jersey that fit the style and use the same fabric. Of course, Trenton New Jersey was about 30 miles away, so they could have gone shopping in Philly for the day. Or maybe relatives from PA participated in the quilt making. It might be better to define my regional style as PA/NJ. Also of note is the Southern Center Medallion Style chintz quilt which is considered “possibly made in New Jersey.” I will admit I wonder where the maker of this quilt originated.

But what about the Philly regional style being found in Charleston, even with three center wreath presentation blocks? Gracey Thompson Drummond who is presumed to have made the quilt, was born in Scotland and came to Charleston. There is no residence tie to Pennsylvania, but more research would be needed to see if there is another tie. The same wreath fabric she used is in some of the PA/NJ quilts.

Another anomaly is a quilt from Baltimore, which fits the PA/NJ style too (See first photo.) However, it has blocks from Pennsylvania in it, which may have contributed to the style used. Obviously, there is more to research, which means looking at more chintz quilts. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!